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Toshiba Laptop Replacement Keyboards

If your current laptop keyboard is damaged or worn out, Toshiba laptop replacement keyboards are ideal. A keyboard is the most abused part of a laptop and will usually need replacing at some point in the laptop's lifetime.

If the laptop is out of warranty or if the warranty does not cover the damage, then buying a new keyboard is an inexpensive and effective way to restore the laptop back to health. Buying the right type of keyboard is of paramount importance because the wrong type may not fit correctly, causing it to be uncomfortable or just not work as it should.

Keyboard size

Fortunately, most keyboards are labelled with the type of laptop or notebook they fit into, such as the ' Toshiba Satellite C850-1KN Black' for example. If not, make sure it fits the measurements of your keyboard area. You also have a choice in terms of what keys to use. Do you prefer flat keys which look attractive? Or rounded, ergonomic ones designed for accuracy and comfort? Be sure to look closely at the keyboard and make sure that you like the keys before considering buying it.

Your model number

If you have trouble finding a keyboard that fits or one that you like, try looking for your laptop's model number. This is often printed on the screen bezel or the underside of the laptop. This will allow you to view keyboards that match your laptop type.


When buying from the UK, you will most commonly find UK layout keyboards. This is, however, not always the case. If you prefer writing on US keyboard or if you frequently write in foreign languages you may want a different keyboard entirely. This may even be the reason you are replacing your keyboard in the first place. Ensure that you are buying the keyboard layout you want, and that it has all of the keys you want. Even within Toshiba's official range, there are variations of keys and shortcuts.