Trench Coats for Women

Trench Coats and Macs for Women

Perfect for creating a strong sense of style during the colder months, trench coats and macs for women are a must-have for the colder season. The flattering length and cut of the trench coat means that it suits every body type and occasion. So, whether you want a mac to protect you from the rain or a designer piece that will work for years to come, there's bound to be the right trench coat for you.

It's all in the Details

Trench coats have a belt around the waist which can be fastened to add definition to your waist or left undone for a more relaxed look. You'll also find many macs that have pockets. This is ideal if you want to pop your essentials like keys and phone away safely without carrying a bag. Pockets are great for keeping your hands warm too, which is something to consider if you feel the cold.


Trench coats and macs are available in all sorts of colours, with neutrals such as navy, black, grey and beige being the most common. These colours are great for versatility, but you might like to choose something brighter to match your personality or outfit.

Choosing a Suitable Length

Trench coats and macs come in a number of different lengths. You'll find plenty of knee-length options on offer with the biggest benefit of a knee-length trench being that it will go with everything. From trousers to longline dresses and skirts, it will even work with a mini-skirt and can be worn belted up to cover the skirt or left open to show it off.

You can also find shorter hip-length coats and trench coats that come to the top of the thigh. This type of coat shows off a little more leg and might be something to consider if you're planning on wearing it out. For total protection from the elements choose a trench coat that comes below the knee. The extra length will give your legs more protection from damp and cold weather.

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