Boys' Baseball Caps

Boys' Baseball Caps

Boys' baseball caps are a staple among a wide range of ages. A stylish and practical item of headwear, they can look cool whilst keeping the sun off the wearer's head and out of their eyes.

All children have a favourite TV show or cartoon character and you can often find a boys' baseball cap to match. If you're looking for a branded cap, consider how long your child is likely to wear it for before you buy. If you're looking for a generic cap, there are plenty of plain styles in a range of colours and graphics.

Choose cotton baseball caps if you prefer natural fabrics or acrylic caps if you don't mind manmade fibres.


It goes without saying that the size needs to be right to ensure a baseball cap stays on, as boys are often running around. Baseball caps have an adjustable strap at the back to provide a secure fit.

For a younger child, an elasticated strap is often the safest option. This simply expands to fit their head without being too tight. Most caps have a snapback fastening , which is a plastic strap which snaps in place to adjust size. This is more suitable for older boys who may be able to adjust this without assistance.

Sun protection

The brim of a baseball cap will protect their face from bright sun. Some caps will have a flap at the back to help protect the neck. Some of these can be removed if they are not needed.

It's also worth considering the design of the cap. In hot weather the heat needs to escape or the child's head will get very hot and sweaty. Air holes are often included to allow for this.

Keeping it clean

If the cap is worn outdoors, then it will get dirty very quickly. Most baseball caps are machine washable, but it's worth checking this first.