Video Capture Cards

Your Buying Guide to Game Capture HD Devices

If you want to record your gameplay in order to archive your sessions or perhaps broadcast your achievements to the world, then a game capture device may be the perfect solution. There is a wide range of HD capture cards designed for use with your PC as well as video game consoles, such as the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. You’ll find all of these products right here at eBay at affordable prices and in both new and pre-owned condition.

How do internal and external capture cards differ?

Internal cards are typically PC cards that are added to a system via an available slot on the motherboard. External capture devices are standalone cards hosted in an enclosure. These generally connect via USB. External options are portable and convenient for game consoles and other closed systems, and internal cards tend to offer more versatility and may be a better fit in complex scenarios, such as a live streaming setup that involves multiple devices and software.

How do you ensure capture card compatibility?

With internal cards, you need to ensure compatibility with the motherboard. Such cards generally connect via PCI or PCI-e, and you need to ensure that you have a free slot of the appropriate type. Most external cards connect via USB, and for both internal and external devices, you’ll also need to ensure input and output compatibility based on the other devices that you’ll integrate into the setup.

How are game capture cards typically configured?

In a pass-through configuration, the capture device will receive the video and audio signal from the PC or console and pass it on to a television or monitor. With internal cards and other direct configurations, the capture card has direct access to windows as well as devices and sources connected to the system.

What is a game capture HD card?

A game capture card is an internal or external component that’s able to record and otherwise manipulate HD video and sound on the fly. These devices often serve as a pass-through so the audio and video can be delivered to a monitor or television. HD capture cards support 1080p and beyond, and they will usually provide HDMI inputs and output but can provide other I/O options as well. There are a number of uses for game capture devices, and these include:

  • Recording gameplay for archiving
  • Encoding videos for upload online
  • Streaming content to an online audience