Honda CBR Motorcycles

Everything You Need to Know About Honda CBR Series Motorcycles

Honda's CBR series motorcycles have been among the most successful lines of sportbikes ever made, starting production in 1983 and eventually spawning well over a dozen different models and sub-models. Built for speed and high performance, they have for decades been a favourite of motorcycle racing enthusiasts and of those who just like fast bikes. eBay makes it easy to buy a Honda CBR bike of your very own, and with this guide, you'll be armed with the information required to make a wise selection.

How to understand and classify affordable Honda CBR series bikes

The most important thing to remember when trying to classify a CBR series bike is that the number in each model name refers to that model's engine displacement as measured in cubic centimetres. The number found in each model name doesn't always refer to exact displacement capacities but is always very close to them. Therefore, the CBR600F has a 600cc engine, and the CBR1000RR has a 998cc engine.

Many model names also contain suffixes, the most common ones being R and F. Here is how to understand the meaning of these:

  • R: This usually stands for either "racing" or "replica." Therefore, the CBR650R is a racing bike.
  • RR: This suffix combines both of the possible meanings of the "R" suffix. Thus, the CBR600RR is a "racing replica" or even "racing ready" bike.
  • F: This suffix refers to the fact that the bike has a four-stroke engine.
Honda CBR models classified by engine type

Here are some of the many models in the CBR series, organised by engine type:

  • Single-cylinder: the CBR125R, CBR150R, CBR250R, and CBR300R.
  • Inline-twin: the CBR250RR, CBR400R, and CBR500R.
  • Inline-four: some examples include the CBR400F, CBR400RR, CBR600F, and CBR1100XX.
How and why should you buy a used Honda CBR?

Here are a few important things to remember as you dig through the eBay listings for the Honda CBR bike that you want:

  • Buying used Honda CBR bikes on eBay can be very useful. Not only are they generally cheaper than comparable new bikes, but many bikes in the CBR series -- including the super-fast CBR900RR, CBR1000F, and CBR1100XX -- are no longer being produced. The only way to get these high-performance bikes is to buy them used.
  • In general, the older its model year, the less expensive it will be. The opposite is also true. Lower mileage tends to drive the price up.
  • All else being equal, CBRs that have larger, more powerful, higher-displacement engines will be more expensive than those with lower-displacement engines. This will be generally true within single model years and may even be true across model years.