Honda Mini/Monkey Bikes

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Honda Mini/Monkey Bikes

Honda mini/monkey bikes are otherwise known as sprinting bikes and they are available in a range of colours with each bike having a specific CC. The CC of the bike helps to determine how fast the bike can go and how powerful it is. Honda mini bikes are suited to open fields, dirt tracks and off-road racing, however, it is possible to get some that are suited to road use as well.

Honda Southern Drag Bikes

Honda drag bikes are usually referred to as being mini pit bikes. They are designed for use in racing, where they manoeuvre very well in the pit road. Honda drag bikes can also fit in the back of a pick-up truck or trailer where they can be taken to the next race. Drag bikes have tyres that have very high treads so that they can be used to transverse across long pieces of the road with relatively fast speed and a high level of control.

Honda Speedway Bikes

Honda speedway bikes are designed for sports racing. This sport involves riders riding around anti-clockwise laps of a circuit. The history of the sport can be traced back to the year 1923 and ever since then, there has been a huge range of bikes designed for road use. A speedway bike has tyres that have a higher tread and this helps to give the rider a huge level of grip on the road.

Honda Dirt Bikes

Honda mini dirt bikes are designed for off-road use. They are also designed to provide the rider with a huge level of control when on uneven terrain. Honda dirt bikes are very durable and the treads on the tyres are low, meaning that the tyres can grip the dirt as the rider travels across the road, the dirt and any hills that might be present.