Laptop Replacement Keyboards

Laptop Replacement Keyboards

If your laptop keyboard is damaged you don't have to buy a brand new laptop. A laptop replacement keyboard can help to save you money, as replacing this component is much cheaper than buying a new laptop.

When buying a replacement keyboard, you must make sure that it is compatible with your specific model of laptop. If you purchase the wrong laptop it may not fit correctly and can even further damage your computer.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of fiddly parts when replacing parts in your laptop . Only replace your keyboard yourself if you are trained to do so and if you have the correct tools. You can cause further damage or even completely break your laptop if you install laptop parts incorrectly.

Types of replacement keyboards

Replacement laptop keyboards are often labelled with the device that they are designed for. This makes it very easy when looking for the correct product. Different types of keyboard have different designs of keys. Some have simple flat keys that are unobtrusive, whereas there are some that feature curved ergonomic designs to help with comfort.

You can also use the laptop's model number to identify which replacement keyboard to fit - these numbers are usually on the underside of your laptop.

Ensure that you buy a keyboard with the same key layout as your previous laptop if you want to avoid confusion. The standard key layout that is used in the UK is the QWERTY layout. American keyboards are very similar but they have small differences, such as the 'at' symbol and double quote marks swapped in position.

If you need to type in another language there are also keyboard that feature the letters of foreign alphabets, allowing you to easily set up another language on your laptop so you can type with ease.

If a key is damaged or missing you can also buy key replacements . This allows you to purchase the specific key you need without having to get a whole keyboard.

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