Men's Activewear Tops

Keeping Stylish and Active with Men's Tracksuit Bottoms

Depending on the style, men's tracksuit bottoms can be used anywhere from the gym to casual weekend outings. Tracksuit bottoms are comfortable and easy to wear, but in order for them to look good, it's important that you choose the right size and style. Check out the information below on how to choose great men's tracksuit bottoms on eBay.

What types of materials are used for tracksuits?

Tracksuits are available on eBay in a wide variety of fabrics that makes them suitable for working out and exercising. Some of those fabrics include the following:

  • Slub jersey: Slub jersey is a cotton fabric that is weft-knitted, stretchy, breathable, and soft, making it ideal for moving about freely when walking and exercising.
  • Polar fleece: This fabric is super soft, thick, and warm, making it ideal for working out in cold weather.
  • Scuba: Scuba is a heavyweight Lycra that’s very smooth and thick with a four-way stretch, making it perfect for working out and stretching.
  • Jersey stretch: Jersey stretch is thick and elastic and provides extra support, making it ideal for fitted sportswear.
How do you choose the right size bottom?

Getting the right fit for your tracksuit bottom is important, so you’ll need to take measurements. First, stand with your feet together. Using a tape measure, measure around the fullest point of the hip while keeping the tape measure horizontal. Next, measure the inseam by measuring from the bottom of your leg to your crotch. After you have your measurements, look at the specs on the manufacturer's website for the bottoms that you're interested in. If you fall in between two sizes, it will all boil down to how you want the track suit to fit. If you want a loose fit, a larger size may be what you need. If you'd like a more fitted silhouette, the smaller size may be preferable.

When purchasing new or pre-owned men's tracksuit bottoms from eBay, you want to ensure that they fit loose around the crotch area and the thighs. It's important that you have an easy fit in the pelvic area. You’ll want the sweatpants to hang in a way that you don't see the pocket lining. They should also taper through the legs.

What men's tracksuit bottoms work for wet weather?

If you're going to be wearing a tracksuit in cold, wet weather, you need to choose fabric options that are built for the weather. Fleece joggers are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to keep warm when the temperature dips. You should also look into tracksuit bottoms that have moisture-wicking capabilities that will help keep you dry when you sweat, preventing chills.