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Living Room
Your lounge is the central hub of your home, so whether you're relaxing your sofa reading a book, or having coffee with guests, make sure it’s in nothing less than luxurious comfort. Your down time is precious, so you deserve to be laid out on stylish recliners, an elegant chaise lounge, an antique console lounge sofa, or a plush beanbag.Whether you want to match the style of your dining room, or keep the rooms distinct, get it going with design ideas to make it a room worthy of planning and thought.
Getting Cosy
Deep-set hard leather armchairs, cosy sofa, chairs complete with sectionals or tufted fabric stools. It's all about what cosy means to you when you relax, whether that's in the form of sofas or chairs. Shop through a selection of furniture and accessories: cushions and throws in a range of fabrics including faux leather. There are endless options in store, which means endless ideas on how to make your relaxing space your own.
Light it Right
It’s not only about making sure you buy the right sofas. The right accessories - namely, the right light bulbs - can make a huge impact to the accent of your space. Little tweaks to your lighting can transform your large and spacious room into a beautiful cosy haven, or, it can make your compact room feel brighter and airier. Take a look at a range of soft light lamps to keep your living room an everyday space you want to relax in. Similarly, mix and match by investing in some candles to give your patio or living room some extra atmosphere.
Be Furniture Smart
It’s a tricky balance between using your room and keeping it neat and tidy. This is why, there’s nothing better, at the end of a long, hard day than scooping up all the bits and pieces your kids have left lying around, into a cupboard and restoring peace and order.Clever storage solutions and ideas, like storage units and bookcases, mean that you can stash the items you love out of sight, but nearby for easy access. Ottomans are a modern way to the keep the chaos at bay while offering an extra seat in the house. Sofas with in-built drawers underneath are perfect space-savers, and of course, coffee tables with side storage are great for storing books and magazines.Design your living room your way, and be as creative as you want to be.