Paper Bags

Get Packing With Paper Bags on Hand

Paper bags are basically bags made of paper. Since these were developed, they continue to be one of the commonly used packaging material for gifts and shopping. Also, as companies tend to use attractive bags with their logo, paper bags can also be used for advertising. 

What are the types of paper bags available? 

There are different types available on eBay, depending on the use and the occasion. The following are some of the inexpensive paper bags you can find:  

  • Kraft paper bags - Kraft paper is a coarse brown paper used as the primary material for Kraft bags. These are usually the preferred snack carriers for children and adults alike. Small Kraft paper bags are also used as a cute packaging for tiny gifts.
  • Party bags - Celebrate birthday parties, baby showers, and other special occasions by filling party bags with candies, sweets, and other tokens of appreciation. These party bags usually hold parting gifts for the guests who attend.
  • Merchandise bags - These bags offer dependable, stylish ways for customers to bring home their purchases. Some brands add a customized design to further promote their products.
  • Pinch-bottom bags - The top of the pinch-bottom paper bag has a wide design, which allows it to remain open while being loaded with products and items. With its tapered end, this type of bag is useful for packaging baked goods.
  • Vogue bags - Vogue bags take your gifts to a whole new level with their aesthetic designs. They look great when filled with elegant colours of tissue and mulberry papers.

What materials are used in making paper bags? 

There are myriad types of paper and materials used to cater to consumers' various needs. Standard brown bags are made from Kraft paper, which is perfect for everyday use. There are also tote-style bags. These are mostly used by department stores and made from paper that comes in various colours. Laminated paper bags are manufactured and printed by lithographic technique to produce sharp colours and precise designs. Some other bags use corrugated cardboard to make for a more durable container. Corrugated cardboard is often used to carry heavier products. 

Are paper bags recyclable? 

Paper bags can be recycled and reused as long as they can still carry the weight of the items you're going to put in them. You can also mix in other paper products to make it more presentable or appealing. You can also disassemble the paper bag and cut it out if you need good paper material for crafting.