Ice Cream Van in Other Commercial Vehicles

An Ice Cream Van Can be a Profitable Business Venture

Ice cream vans are catering vans that primarily sell ice cream and related frozen desserts. Many people operate this type of catering van as a way to run a business with few overhead and workforce costs. Ice cream vans can be fairly expensive when new, but you can find inexpensive, used ice cream vans for sale on eBay.

Types of ice cream vans

There are two main types of ice cream vans in use in the UK. A hard van is typically used to sell scoop ice cream and is equipped with a freezer to hold the different flavours. A soft van has both a freezer and a soft serve ""whippy"" machine that dispenses soft ice cream cones and screwballs. These vans are usually standard vans that have been converted into catering vans. Oftentimes the rear section has been cut away and replaced with a fibreglass body in order to reduce the weight of the van.

Can you sell other types of food in an ice cream van?

You can sell other types of food besides ice cream in these vans, despite the name. You can easily store frozen items in your ice cream freezer. If you have the proper equipment, you can also store items that require cooking or items that need refrigerating. The easiest additional types of food items to sell are pre-packaged snacks that do not have to be refrigerated or frozen, such as crisps.

What type of engine powers an ice cream van?

Catering vans are usually powered by diesel. However, partly due to environmental concerns over emissions while the vans are sitting and running in one place, some companies are making vans with electric batteries. Whitby Morrison is one company that is converting the all-electric Mercedes eSprinter van into an ice cream van with multi-coloured counters and battery-powered soft ice cream dispensers that are meant to be capable of making 600 cones an hour. These electric engines can be retrofitted into an existing Whitby ice cream van for sale as well.

What brand models are ice cream vans on eBay?

There are standard ice cream vans manufactured directly as such from companies like Whitby Morrison, who makes the majority of ready-made ice cream vans. These companies are using cargo vans like Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Autotrader and converting them. You can also convert a cargo van into a catering van yourself.