Damaged Cars Unrecorded

Finding Unrecorded Salvage Cars for Sale

Unrecorded salvage cars can often be bought at a fraction of the price of other used cars. If you enjoy being a backyard mechanic, you may be able to turn unrecorded damaged cars into drivable vehicles with a very small initial investment. You’ll find affordable deals on unrecorded cars in the UK when you shop on eBay.

A guide to buying unrecorded salvage cars

Before you buy an unrecorded salvage vehicle, you need to think about exactly what you want to do with it. All salvaged cars have some amount of damage, but in many cases, the damage may be so severe that it would cost an arm and a leg to get that vehicle up and running again. The vehicle may still be a good value, however, if it contains undamaged parts that you can repurpose for another vehicle.

Make sure you see photographs of the vehicle from every angle. If you’re interested in specific parts, try to obtain photos of those parts. If you’re interested in rebuilding and eventually driving the used vehicle, ask to see photos of the undercarriage and what’s beneath the bonnet so you can check the transmission and the engine. If you can’t determine the extent of the damage from photographs, ask the seller questions about the condition of the specific parts.

Are salvage titles available?

Salvage titles are designations assigned by the Association of British Insurers that describe the amount of damage a car has sustained. There are six categories:

  • Category A: These cars have been so badly damaged that they are only suitable for scrap metal.
  • Category B: These cars are badly damaged, but some of their parts may be suitable for scavenging.
  • Category C: These vehicles can probably be repaired, however, the costs of the repairs far exceed their value.
  • Category D: These vehicles can probably be repaired though repair costs are likely to exceed their value.
  • Category X: The Hire Purchase Inspection register doesn’t contain records of the damage sustained by these cars.
  • Category U: These vehicles are not owned by an insurance company and therefore are outside of the Association of British Insurers’ damage assessment guidelines. They are likely to have sustained damage, although this damage may not have been reported to the Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register.

When is it a good idea to buy a salvage car?

Older cars with reputations for reliability provide good opportunities for salvage shoppers. The damage from a small fender bender may cost more for a mechanic to repair than the value of the car. However, if you can do the repair yourself, this is a good way to score a bargain.