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Create Your Own Smart Devices with the Arduino Nano on eBay

The Arduino Nano is an affordable and user-friendly microcontroller; it's a beginner-friendly device for tech hobbyists looking to build their own smart devices. The Arduino Nano is a breadboard component that can be combined with others found on eBay for a range of robotics and automation applications.

How do I use the Arduino Nano?

The Arduino Nano uses the proprietary Arduino programming language. Arduino Nano programming requires time to understand, but Arduino provides a free IDE made specifically for working with the Arduino Nano. The project also has a large community of programmers that frequently write and share code and are very helpful to beginners. Some knowledge of electrical engineering and programming experience allows advanced users to get the most out of it.

What sort of Arduino Nano projects can be made?

The Arduino Nano has a dedicated fan base that builds and shares a diverse range of projects put together using the Arduino Nano. Some of the projects the community has built have included:

  • Internet-controlled Christmas lights.
  • Remote-control walking robots.
  • Alarm clocks.
  • Garden automation.

Since it is a microcontroller component, it is most often used as a switch to control the operations of pins connected to it. It is a basic I/O device with programmable logic to control input/output.

What is the difference between Arduino Nano vs UNO?

The Arduino Nano is made to offer exactly the same functionality as the Arduino UNO, but with a much smaller physical size. The smaller physical size means that it has no DC power jack and it uses mini-USB instead of regular USB. It is specifically made to suit applications where size is a limiting factor.

Can complete beginners use it?

The Arduino Nano is a suitable gift for beginners who are looking to start programming and designing smart IoT devices. The device is used in schools to teach the fundamentals of electrical engineering and programming and has a thriving community online with plenty of resources. Enthusiasts will find great support available to them that makes this suitable for students and curious adults alike. eBay offers a range of cheap breadboard components so that creative and technical people can design and develop their own smart devices.

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