Experience Boundless Innovation with the Sonos Play 3

The versatile Songs Play 3 wireless speaker is compact and can fit in narrow spaces (like behind a TV) to become a part of your home theatre experience. Depending on how you would like to set up your acoustic experience the Play 3 can be wall mounted or put on the top of a stand wither horizontally or vertically. The Songs Play 3 has been discontinued by the manufacturer ,but eBay still lists various buying options.

Will the Sonos Play 3 work with the Sonos Controller App?

Yes. The speaker is designed to be used with the Sonos mobile app so you can control how you want to listen to your music. Here are a few of the things that you can do with your speaker through the Sonos Controller App:

  • Put your speaker into a group with other speakers so you can control what they play all at once.
  • Keep track of what song is playing and play, pause, or change the music.
  • Get your friends to download the Songs Controller App so they can contribute their favourite music to your speaker.
  • Play your saved podcasts or audiobooks via the app onto the speaker.
Why does the Sonos Play 3 connect via WiFi instead of Bluetooth?

Not only is WiFi transmission of audio content more reliable, it also preserves more of its acoustic integrity. Even if you receive a phone call or a message, WiFi audio transmission makes sure that your music remains uninterrupted while you use your phone. Bluetooth connections typically only work within a ten metre radius or less if there are obstructions, but as long as your phone is connected to WiFi you can play your music upstairs, downstairs, outside, inside, and everywhere else. The WiFi connection feature also allows you to connect the speaker to up to 31 other Sonos speakers via the mobile app.

What is inside the Sonos Play 3?

There are three professionally-tuned class D digital amplifiers that form the basis of the speaker’s acoustic architecture. Two mid-woofers and a powerful bass deliver a wide range of audio frequencies to reflect your music’s true characteristics. For higher frequency sounds, the single tweeter has you covered. What's more, you can control the way your music sounds via the Sonos Controller App.

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