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Stay Fully Charged with an iPhone 5 Charger Case

The iPhone 5 charger cases offered by eBay are your solution to accidental damage. Not only do they offer protection and style, but come packing in-built power packs that could extend your battery life by hours, or even days.

What models are covered by these cases?

The iPhone 5 range are of such similar dimensions and specifications that all of the following can be supported in a single product. Just remember to check the description to make sure:

  • iPhone 5: The 2012 original.
  • iPhone 5S: Almost identical in size to the 5, but a lot more powerful inside.
  • iPhone SE: Released after iPhone 6, the SE is built on the iPhone 5 chassis.
What protection do these cases offer?

Many of the iPhone 5 charger cases will offer exactly the same protection as a non-charging case, but others offer the charging facilities while compromising on the safety features. If you want to charge on-the-go and have total peace of mind, check the model specifications before purchase.

How much will this charge an iPhone 5?

This depends on the size of the power pack inside. If you are aiming to just top up your phone, then you could easily get by on about 1000 mAh, nearly the same size as the iPhone's battery itself. However, if you are looking to really extend your battery life or to keep the power on when doing high intensity activities, such as streaming video or gaming, you will need more. 2200 mAh and 3200 mAh models are common, with roughly double the capacity of the iPhone 5's battery, and you can even purchase 4200 mAh and 10,000 mAh versions for serious power needs.

How does this product affect size and weight?

This depends on the capacity of the power pack. Typically, the smaller the capacity the smaller the impact on the profile of the iPhone. However, as the quality of the components increases you will see batteries being relatively smaller and lighter. If you don't mind adding about 10 mm to the bottom and about 5 mm to the depth, then an iPhone 5 charger case is for you. Most of these products will weigh less than 100 grams which, for comparison, is a lot lighter than most charging cables.

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