Stone Island Badges

Retain the Authenticity of Your Clothing with a Stone Island Badge

Italian apparel maker, Stone Island, adds a removable badge to almost all of its products. The Stone Island badge features a four-point compass rose with 'Stone Island' stitched in the four quadrants. You can get a replacement Stone Island badge on eBay to replace a lost or damaged one.

How many badges does the Stone Island brand have?

Stone Island has about three main versions of its badge that it uses for different clothing. It helps to know which badge goes on which products to ensure that you get the right one when buying a replacement. You can also avoid getting faux badges. The primary options are:

  • Standard badge: This classic is the original that the designer created with the first line of jackets. The compass is yellow and green against a black background. However, the initial border was green instead of black, so some vintage badges may have that colour.
  • Ghost piece: This badge was designed for camouflage purposes, which is why it has monochromatic themes, including red, black, and white. This badge blends in with the clothing while retaining the authentic look of the brand.
  • Special Edition: This is also known as the White Compass Badge, and was developed for the limited edition Champagne Pieces range of jackets (see the manufacturer's site for details). The compass on the badge is all white and is set against a black background.
On which side is the Stone Island Badge placed?

The Stone Island branded patch is usually on the left side of a garment. For jackets, coats, and similar clothing, the badge is worn on the upper arm. Trousers have the patch on the mid-thigh, slightly above the knee of the garment. Some trousers will have it on the right back pocket.

How do you tell a genuine Stone Island badge?

One way to pick an authentic Stone Island badge is to look at the colour combination carefully. Whether you are getting a Ghost Piece or a Limited Edition White badge, ensure that the colours are well balanced. If you are buying a vintage Stone Island classic badge, check if it has the green edges. The buttons used on the badge have 'Stone Island' etched on them, so confirm this if the badge comes with buttons. A genuine Stone Island patch (except those made before 1984) is made with a single drop stitch on the button eyelid that runs to the border. For further details, refer to the manufacturer's site.

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