VHS to DVD Converters

Transfer Your VHS Tapes to DVD Format Like a Pro

Don't spend a fortune at places such as your local photo centre to have your VHS tapes converted to DVD format. Find the right conversion kits and accessories on eBay and master the art of converting your own media in the comfort of your home. 

Do the VHS to DVD converters create Blu-ray discs? 

Yes, most VHS to DVD converter kits allow you to transfer your tapes to Blu-ray format. You will need to use your computer for this process. It is essential to ensure that your computer does have a Blu-ray-writable drive installed before beginning your VHS to DVD conversion. You will also want to have all the necessary accessories available before starting the process. 

What is included in VHS to DVD conversion kits? 

Each kit can contain different accessories needed for performing the tape to disc conversions. For this reason, it is important to compare all contents that are included with the VHS to DVD conversion kits that you are considering before making your purchase. However, the standard items that you will find in the conversion kits available on eBay include those listed here:  

  • USB video capture device with composite and S-video inputs
  • SCART to S-video adapter
  • USB cable
  • Software CD

What devices will the VHS to DVD converters work with? 

The specific devices that you can record to are dependent on the type of kit that you are using. With the addition of adapters, such as the RCA to RCA cable and SCART to S-video cables, your conversion kit will work with all types of video and/or audio output devices, including the following:  

  • VHS and video camera or camcorders
  • DVD and Blu-ray players
  • Video camera or camcorders
  • Game consoles including PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii systems
  • CCTV cameras

What requirements are needed for VHS to DVD conversion kits? 

There are certain requirements for operating a VHS to DVD conversion. Check the manufacturer’s website for specifics. Each conversion kit does require the need for a 2.0 USB port that is available for use on the computer you will be working with. While there may be specific requirements for each kit to work properly, the most common requirements that you will find include the following:  

  • 4GB of hard drive space available for editing and recording purposes
  • Windows operating system, such as Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 10 32- or 64-bit.
  • Pentium 4 3GHz or higher
  • A minimum of 600MB of space on your computer hard drive for running the conversion program
  • A minimum of 1024MB of RAM for downloading the conversion program