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Alternative Energy Supplies

Ever feel like a small speck in an increasingly unsustainable world? When it comes to home generators, you can still do your bit for the planet with home energy saving. When you buy generators in the green energy supplies and sustainable energy supplies category, you’re creating the world that you want. So make it happen here and know that every little-big thing that you do, counts. Here’s to you, powerful speck.

Solar energy supplies Make every day Earth Day with solar power supplies. Solar panels work by converting heat and sunlight into electrical energy, which is then used or stored in batteries for later use. From solar panels, solar inverters, solar battery chargers, solar power cabling, solar water pumps, maintainers and kits to even solar calculators, we’ve got everything home solar power right here, including portable solar panels for your home away from home.

Hydropower energy supplies Preserve your planet, one droplet at a time with our hydropower energy supplies. Hydroelectric energy works by converting fast-running water into electricity or energy used to power machines. You can buy hydropower turbines for the home, farm or camp and shop the whole kit. Up your green game with water wheels and power stations or downplay it with a mini hydro power plant. Every drop counts.

Bioenergy supplies Save the trees, or burn them. No really. Bioenergy uses the push of steam from burning biomass fuel. That is, burning any organic material such as harvest residues, crops and organic waste from our homes, businesses and farms. We have the bioenergy supplies right here to track your energy generation and usage of bioenergy with anything from power metres to power controllers and socket timers.

Other alternative energy supplies Powered by the energy of earth, sweet earth, permanent magnetic alternators use the powerful earth inside magnets to produce alternating currents. As independent mechanisms, they are much cheaper and more efficient and are the perfect solution for energy powered by wind or water. You can buy permanent magnetic alternators built to power through the ages, based on different resistance properties and your needs. These range from sun, acid, heat, chemical, weather and corrosion resistant to antimicrobial.