Protect Your 4th Generation iPad With a Case

An iPad 4th generation case offers several different types of protection for different environmental and impact hazards that your device might encounter. In addition, they may have functional features that enhance your viewing experience. There are several different aesthetic designs available on eBay ranging from solid colors to patterned designs.

What are some of the different types of protection?

Both impact and environmental protection are offered by an iPad 4th generation case. Cases may be rated for drop protection up to a certain height depending on the case. Cases also offer protection against minor bumps. The edges of the case may be beveled to protect the screen from damage on direct falls. Some cases offer screen protection in the form of a screen cover that flips behind the iPad when it is in use. In addition to impact protection, cases offer protection against dust and debris. Select iPad 4th generation case may offer water resistance as well. Cases are made from several different materials including plastic, leather, and rubber. Some cases feature multiple layers made of different materials to protect against different types of hazards. Prior to purchase, make sure that the case you select matches your individual needs.

What additional functions can a case serve?

The iPad 4th generation cases available on eBay may feature other functions in addition to protection. The cases may have flaps that can be folded along the backside of the iPad and function as a stand. Other cases may have plastic pieces along the backside that can be brought out to function as a stand. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard that you pair with your iPad, there are cases that have designated areas for keyboards. This allows you to more easily carry your iPad and keyboard together and keep them both protected.

What are some of the aesthetic designs available?

Many different aesthetic designs are available, including solid colors, patterns, and graphics. Some cases may be available in multiple colors and designs so you can pick the color or design you want. Cases that make use of multiple parts may feature different colors for each of the different parts. In addition, the interior color of a case may be different from the exterior. This can become seen in some cases that have foldable flaps that function as stands for the iPad. Some of the different colors that are available for iPad cases are:

  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Purple