Portable Audio Headphones

Technology has brought an advent of entertainment on-the-go that is unprecedented, and an important part of this on-the-go entertainment includes audio. Be it music, videos, or games, without audio, our lives will all be a little less melodic. To enjoy audio no matter where you are, without bothering those around you, having a good pair of portable audio headphones is a must. 

How are headphones different from earbuds/earphones?

While both headphones and earphones are portable audio devices, headphones are bigger, heavier, and go over the ear rather than inside it. Earphones or earbuds on the other hand, are smaller, and are inserted into the ear canal. Both can be used to play music privately, though they each have their pros and cons. 

What are the types of headphones available?

There are generally two types of headphones, circumaural and supra-aural. ● Circumaural headphones are over-ear headphones that tend to be heavier and have more padding that covers the entire ear, making them more noise-isolating. Noise isolation means clearer sound as outside sounds cannot enter your ears easily. ● Supra-aural headphones are on-ear headphones, which are lighter and also padded, though to a lesser extent as they just go over the ears leaving space for more external sounds to enter the ear.   Both circumaural and supra-aural headphones have wired and wireless versions, with the wireless versions usually being Bluetooth headphones. Wireless headphones are perfect for better mobility. 

What devices can headphones be used with?

Headphones can be used with any gadget that has an audio jack, including MP3 players, iPods, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The type of jack used between devices may be different in terms of size, though, so be sure to check that when purchasing for a particular device. 

What are the advantages of using headphones over earphones?

Headphones have several advantages over earphones, despite being heavier and larger. 

● Headphones offer superior sound quality especially in terms of bass and noise-isolation. Purchasing headphones which offer noise-cancellation further improves the experience, making the quality of sound way higher to those offered by earphones. 

● Headphones are also generally less harmful to hearing compared to earphones, as the better noise isolation usually means you can enjoy listening to audio without having to turn up the volume too loud. 

● Not to forget that larger headphones give you a cool 8s vibe (or a DJ vibe)! 

What are some popular brands of headphones?

A well-known range of headphones is Beats by Dre, which is often seen as the most luxurious and high quality pair of headphones one can own. Other popular brands for headphones include Bose, JBL, and AKG, as well as Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. Each brand tends to have signature features and different sound quality, so be sure to carefully look through specifications when you buy.