Deep Fat Fryers

Picking a Deep Fat Fryer to Add Flavour to Mealtimes

The distinctive taste of deep-fried food is one that many people greatly enjoy, especially when it comes to chips. Being able to prepare such dishes yourself with a deep fat fryer from eBay can add variety to your home cooking. Browse the wide range of good value deep fat fryers available on eBay and add extra flavour to your meals.

What oil should you use in deep fat fryers?

For the most part, this comes down to personal preference. Peanut, soybean, and vegetable oils are all suitable to use in deep frying, but each will produce a slightly different taste. For example, peanut oil gives your food a nuttier texture. It's generally a good idea to look for oils which can reach a high temperature before breaking down or burning; this is known as the smoke point.

What features can deep fat fryers offer?

The variety of models available means you can find a fat fryer to suit your needs. Features to consider include:

  • Oil-free basket: To keep your fried food as fat-free as possible, consider a model with a cooking basket that's held well away from the oil.
  • Lid type: Some fryers have easy-to-clean detachable lids. Some lids can also be locked, which helps to reduce the risk of hot oil splashes.
  • Dual basket: Some models have two cooking baskets, which allows you to fry foods with different flavours at the same time without cross-contamination.
  • Extra features: If you have children, a fryer with insulated walls will keep the outside safe to touch. A viewing window will help you know exactly when your chips are done.
How much can deep fat fryers cook?

There are deep fat fryers to suit everyone's needs, whether you're just cooking for yourself or need to cater to a large family. Mini deep fat fryers are ideal if space is limited since they only take up the same amount of room as a compact toaster. Standard models work well for frying portions of chips sufficient for average families, usually between 1 and 1.5 kg of food. See the manufacturer's site for further details. If you have a large family or often cook for guests, you may want to consider a large deep fat fryer, which can cope with frying six, eight, or even ten servings at once.