Audio Optical Amplifiers

Buying Guide for Hi-Fi Amplifiers

Have you been on the lookout for an amplifier for your favourite high-fidelity sound system? You can find that and much more on eBay. Take a look at their selection of hi-fi amplifiers.

Are there any different versions available?

eBay's listings include options for many of the most collectible and highly sought amplifiers on the market. Buying options include used, refurbished, and factory-sealed models, which means you can easily find an amplifier that suits your needs and budget. Below are some examples of eBay's remarkable selection:

  • Ampster- Ampster models boast support for Bluetooth, line, and Aux inputs. You can also output their broadcast to a wide variety of speakers, like vehicle subwoofers and surround sound systems.
  • Akai- These fully integrated amplifiers are compatible with stereo and optical outputs. You can also pair them with TOSLINK systems, which are a unique style of optical output.
  • Yamaha- Yamaha amplifiers are compatible with the standard range of audio-playback devices, like headphones and turntables. That said, you can also pair them with electronic instruments, like guitars and pianos.
  • Sanskrit- Sanskrit amplifiers feature digital user interfaces, which allows for more intuitive and seamless navigation of its functions and menus. They also allow you to save custom sound profiles using their onboard storage.
  • Sabaj- These are in-line options compatible with hi-fi headphones and optical inputs. They are great for enjoying studio-quality music with your home or PC's sound system.
What features are available?

You will be able to enjoy a host of intuitive and experience-enhancing features with these hi-fi amplifiers. Features vary greatly in their applications. Some offer enhanced sound quality; others improve the user experience. Below is a detailed breakdown of the more widely available features you can find with eBay's listings:

  • Optical inputs- Optical inputs transfer digital audio streams. This method of sound deliverance is hailed for its vastly increased clarity and accuracy when compared to other options.
  • Multiple channels- These amplifiers support multiple audio channels at once. This means you can have a few different devices, like headphones and a sound system, paired at a given time. You can navigate between channels using the amplifier's physical switches or digital user interface.
  • Remote control options- Many of eBay's listings include a remote control, which allows you to enjoy your favourite music from a distance.
  • Sound signature customization- One of the essential features for an amplifier. These devices allow you to control the levels of different aspects of your music's sound signature. You can raise the bass and lower the feedback, for example, or lower the overall volume but increase the gain.
With which devices can these amplifiers be paired?

These amplifiers can be paired with several different audio-playback devices. Below are some examples of the more prominent compatible devices and hardware:

  • Hi-Fi headphones
  • PC sound cards
  • Video game consoles
  • Turntables
  • Apple devices