7 HDMI LCD Monitors

What You Need to Know About 7-inch LCD Monitors With HDMI

If you are looking for a small-sized monitor for your home, business, or vehicle, then a 7-inch monitor may be the right choice for you. These monitors connect to a video source through a digital HDMI cable. eBay makes it easy to find the right monitor you need.

What are some reasons to buy a 7-inch monitor?

These affordable monitors can perform all sorts of idiosyncratic functions. You can install them in your vehicle to watch video on commutes or road trips. You can connect one to your Raspberry Pi device. You can hook up a monitor to your digital camera and get a larger view of your media than the built-in screen can display. You can incorporate this monitor into your CCTV security and surveillance system. You can use them with your computer or video game system. Or you can simply install one in a convenient location around your house like the kitchen. These small sets are highly portable and can travel with you almost anywhere you go.

How do you choose the right monitor?

Here are the most important features you will want to consider in your television purchase:

  • Resolution - Although some monitors may be able to output video at 1080p resolution, you will likely not need a large resolution due to the physical size of the monitor. Common resolutions for this size include 1024x600, 1024x768, or 800x600.
  • Refresh rate - Measured in hertz, this is the number of times the monitor refreshes its image every second. This affects the smoothness of the video.
  • Response time - The response time refers to the amount of time it takes for each pixel to change its image from one colour to another. It is measured in milliseconds. A lower response time will generally result in less lagging and ghosting when there is fast motion on the screen.
  • Display outputs - Apart from HDMI, some monitors also have VGA and RCA connections as well, so you can connect analogue devices.
  • Extra features - Extra features include built-in speakers, a built-in DVD player, a touchscreen, and an adjustable stand.
What is an IPS screen?

IPS, which stands for in-plane switching, is a type of LCD panel that affects various aspects of the display. In general, IPS has higher colour accuracy and viewing angles compared with other types of LCD screens. This means the quality of the image won’t suddenly degrade when viewed from extreme angles. However, an IPS panel may have slightly higher response times.