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Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone: The Future in Your Pocket

The Samsung Galaxy 10 is a slick and stylish phone with plenty of fun and desirable features, and it is practical too. Browse eBay for a cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 and put the future in your back pocket.

When was the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone first released?

The phones were released in March 2019, with pre-ordering available from February. The company manufactures its phones in six locations: Its homeland of South Korea, China, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam, which meant that it was possible to have a good supply of phones ready on release day. The phone proved popular and sales are remaining high as good reviews encourage yet more sales.


The phone has a wealth of features designed to make it easy to use and compatible with third-party accessories, including USB C connectivity. Other features are:

  • Dual-back cameras (for different photographic purposes, such as wide-angle for landscapes and telephoto for detail shots).
  • High-quality front camera for good quality selfies for happy memories and excellent social media posts.
  • The phone weighs a mere 150 grams.
  • Its dimensions are 142.2 millimetres by 69.9 millimetres by 7.9 millimetres.
  • The phone's storage is expandable using the slot for the micro SD card and comes with a choice of Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB or 512GB as standard.
  • Colours the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone is available in are Prism White and Prism Black (black and white high gloss, with a hint of iridescence), Ceramic White and Ceramic Black (black and white matt) and Prism Green, a high gloss gunmetal green, a subtle and slightly futuristic shade.
Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone come with dual SIM options?

Yes, there is space for two SIM cards in the phone for two SIM cards because there is a hybrid card slot. This card slot can be used for either one SIM and a micro SD card (should you need the extra space) or it can be used for two SIM cards. This means that you can put in a work SIM and a home SIM and keep your contacts separated and yet in the same place so you will always be able to switch from home to work and back again without needing to swap physical phones.

What does 5G mean?

With the Samsung Galaxy S10, 5G readiness is standard, so as soon as the service is unrolled your phone will be able to take advantage of it. Unlike the change from 3G to 4G, 5G is not a replacement for 4G, instead of being an enhancement to the service, boosting service and signal in currently patchy areas, and enhancing connectivity and up and download speeds throughout the network. While tapping a link currently takes a few seconds to connect, 5G aims to have the page so fast that it feels instantaneous.