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Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone: New Technology in Your Pocket

With 5G-readiness, a foldable screen and the ability to turn yourself into your very own personalised emoji, who would not want to get their hands on one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones on eBay?

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 foldable really work?

Yes. The foldable screen transforms the phone from a small and easily portable device into a wide, generously-proportioned tablet so you can watch videos or stream television without having to strain your eyes. The fold is invisible when the phone is open, offering a smooth viewing surface. Samsung Galaxy S10 foldable first-release issues were caused by users peeling off a protective plastic coating that was meant to be left in place. Samsung have hidden the edges of this coating, so it can no longer be removed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specifications

The phone comes with a range of innovations that are exciting and futuristic:

  • Dual SIM: You can choose to install two separate SIM cards into your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, or one SIM and one micro SD card. This means you can use one number for work and one for personal use, keeping your contacts in one place, but separate.
  • AI prediction: This phone learns your habits and will ready the apps you use often to be accessed. For example, if you check your email with your breakfast every day, the phone will wake the app just before the time that you regularly access it, so it is responsive when you are ready. The phone also learns to close apps when you are asleep, saving your battery power.
  • Water and dust-resistant: The phone can go under shallow water (less than 1.5-metre depth) for up to 30 minutes, but only in freshwater, not sea or pool water because of the salt and chemicals in the latter two.
  • Cameras: The Samsung Galaxy S10 phone has a lot of cameras. There are three back cameras, a 12-megapixel one for close-ups, another for wide-angles, and a 16MP ultra-wide camera for detailed depth of field. There is also a front-facing 10MP-camera for superb selfies.
  • 5G ready: The Samsung Galaxy S10 phone is poised for the future.
Size and storage capacity of Samsung Galaxy S10

The 6.1-inch screen is crisp and clear, while the 512GB of memory (expandable) will hold all the data you could desire. The phone (when folded closed) measures 157.6 millimetres by 74.1 millimetres by 7.8 millimetres and weighs a modest 175 grams.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone security good?

Yes. Samsung has innovated 3D fingerprint mapping for enhanced security on this model. The scanner reads the ridges on your skin rather than photographing your fingerprint, and the sensor is below the screen, so there is no dedicated fingerprint scanner using space on the phone. It cannot be spoofed, and will still read your print when your finger is wet. There is also facial recognition if you prefer to use that method.