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eBay is the official, pre-loved fashion sponsor for Love Island. 

Get the Love Island look

Islanders will be wearing pre-loved clothes from a shared Villa wardrobe—packed with everything from date night outfits to classic Love Island casual wear.

Living the ‘eat, sleep, rewear, repeat’ mentality, the Islanders will be showing off fits that reflect their personality, while doing their bit to extend the life cycle of clothes.

See the classic Love Island look across sunglasses, chino shorts, heeled sandals, swimwear, flared jeans and more.

Where can I find Love Island pre-loved fashion pick

If you’re on the lookout for a summer dress, mini skirt or going out top, you can find the style inspo you need when you shop pre-loved on eBay.

Pre-Loved Fashion

Purchasing pre-loved fashion is a sustainable way to shop. Some things never go out of style, so you shop to your heart’s delight on eBay. An absolute haven for treasures, shop timeless styles and reinvent your look simultaneously with eBay's wide selection of pre-loved fashion and discover great finds from the likes of ASOS, JD Williams and Oxfam.

Vintage clothing 

Do you enjoy looking a little different and standing out from the crowd? Then vintage clothing is for you. Not only do vintage clothes have an aesthetic appeal that is entirely unique, but they also tend to stand the test of time, having been made with more detail and care. Modern clothing from fast fashion brands is not necessarily made to be durable, mainly due to its reliability on trends. However, as fashion history has shown, most trends are cyclical and tend to come back, so even if you are after trend-led pieces, you can find vintage items that fit with the current trends for a much lower price. 

From vintage Vivienne Westwood blazers and skirts to custom-made handbags and silk lingerie, find classic fashion garments that stand the test of time and never go out of style. Express your personality with eBay's selection of vintage sweatshirts, sportswear, dresses, and men's clothing, including classic Levi's denim, vintage rock t-shirts, and vintage Nike sweatshirts. Combine the unique materials, colours, and designs with new pieces from your wardrobe to create looks that are one-of-a-kind.


Browse authentic, pre-owned handbags from luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci and Kate Spade without the hefty price tag of a brand-new designer bag. Find bags that are in excellent condition or new with tags on, as well as a wide range of vintage offerings. 

You can rest easy when shopping thanks to eBay's authenticity guarantee, which includes a multi-point inspection from professionally trained authenticators that look at handbag details, packaging, and accessories. Your bag will then be sent to you directly from the authenticator via a secure, two-day, signature-required delivery at no extra cost.

Designer labels

Sometimes there's nothing better than treating yourself to a designer label, and purchasing second-hand clothes and accessories is a brilliant way to indulge in a luxury label experience while saving yourself some money. 

Give unloved and unwanted designer clothes a new home and lease of life and shop styles that have stood the test of time from labels such as Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, and Marc Jacobs while shopping more consciously. Collect unique pieces that have been discontinued, own a part of fashion history, and create authentic looks you simply can't replicate for a fraction of the price you would in a designer store.