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Complete Your Look With Tory Burch Watches for Women

Finding a watch that is chic and fashionable for women's wear should not be a difficult feat, but it can be. Tory Burch women's watches were made with you in mind, providing cool and fashionable watches that are still high-quality and practical.

When did Tory Burch start making watches?

Tory Burch, an American fashion label based in New York, was founded in 2004. Its fashion designs include shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, home decor, and a fragrance and beauty collection. Tory Burch watches are made to appeal to you if you are looking for a fashion-forward and trendy accessory for an affordable price. The first collection of Tory Burch watches was released in 2014 in five different styles, and Tory Burch continues to design watches that are full of the features you desire in a fashion watch.

What features are available in Tory Burch watches?

Each Tory Burch watch is Swiss-made and designed to provide high-quality materials and craftsmanship along with precision in a luxury watch. Tory Burch watches use Swiss quartz movement to keep your watch on time without worrying about your battery. Many of the watches are also water-resistant and scratch-resistant, making them durable for everyday and longtime wear. Many Tory Burch watches can be distinguished by their large double-T emblem on the face of the watches.

Are Tory Burch watches available in different colors?

Tory Burch watches are available in a variety of different models and color combinations to fit your style needs. There are over 10 different watch styles and color options from the standard gold or silver to fun colors such as blue, pink, orange, or red. Some of the available Tory Burch watch styles are the Blake, Gigi, Miller, and Robinson models. Along with the color options, the different watch styles come available in different shapes, such as round or square, with band or bracelet options. The uniqueness in each style makes it easy for you to find a watch that fits your style and suits your needs. Tory Burch watches are also available in a smartwatch option that is powered by Google with Wear OS technology.

Robinson Tory Burch Watch Annadale Kate Spade Watch Park Coach Watch Wren Pavé Michael Kors Watch
Size 29mm 30mm 34mm 41.5
Material Gold-tone Stainless steel Stainless steel Gold-tone
Bracelet/Band Bracelet Bracelet Bracelet Bracelet
Movement Swiss quartz Three-hand movement Quartz movement Quartz/chronograph movement
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