Camera Battery Grips

Camera Battery Grips

A battery grip is an accessory that is secured to the base of a DSLR camera to hold an extra battery. Most battery grips fit standard DSLR cameras , however, entry-level Nikon DSLR cameras which don't have any shutter contacts will need an additional wire to connect the grip to the camera.

Benefits of a battery grip

A battery grip is capable of doubling the photography time, ensuring there is an extra battery available when it is needed. At the point when the camera battery runs out of charge, the camera will automatically switch over to the spare battery in the grip. As an additional part of the camera, it makes holding a smaller, compact camera easier, particularly if you have large hands. A battery grip will also give you an extra shutter button that is duplicated on the grip.

A camera that has a small lens may not need a battery grip. However, a grip will help to stabilise the camera when using a larger lens. A battery grip will provide security of having a spare, charged battery.

When a camera is turned by 90 degrees, the camera's controls will also turn round which can make the camera awkward to use. The battery grip features duplicate camera controls on the grip so that your hands remain in a comfortable usage position. The shutter button and main dial are duplicated on the bottom corner of the grip. The controls on the back of the camera, including the AE and FE locks, the Index Reduce button, the AF point selection/magnify button and the aperture/exposure buttons are also duplicated on the battery grip and makes it easier to use the camera in either the horizontal or vertical position.

Battery grips feature an on/off switch but it is not for the grip. It is for connecting the power to the camera so that the duplicate controls can be activated.

Some battery grips have a rear door that holds AA batteries and will provide power to the camera. A separate magazine contains 6 AA batteries which, when loaded, is inserted into the grip. Two magazines are provided, one for the camera battery packs and for the 6 AA batteries. Fewer images can be taken when using the AA batteries. When the battery grip is detached from the camera, remove the AA batteries. Using flash or taking high resolution photos and video will affect the battery life.