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Other Lawn Mowers

There are plenty of other lawn mowers available to choose from, depending on the size of lawn you are cutting and your personal preference in how the lawn mower cuts the grass.

Nice and quiet, cylinder mowers are similar to push mowers and very precise. Cylinder mowers are ideal if you are content to cut your grass regularly and they come with or without motors. The blades are at the front and the more blades there are the more precise the cut.

Traditional rotary mowers run on petrol with the blade powered by the motor. They cut lawns fast and efficiently, are designed for tackling larger lawns and can cope with grass that is thicker or a bit overgrown. Other lawn mowers of this type include ride on mowers and hover mowers. Petrol mowers tend to provide more power and endurance than the other lawn mowers on the market.

Electric mowers are either cylinder or rotary but are powered by electricity. This makes them light and cheap to use. They are not as powerful as a petrol mower, and most have built-in batteries these days so you dont have to avoid running the electrical cable across the lawn to cut the grass. Finally, one other type of lawn mower available is robot lawnmowers where you can program the mower and leave it to get on with the cutting.

Key Point to Consider

Decide how large a lawn mower you require. Bigger mowers can cut more grass faster, but do you have enough storage to keep it? Smaller gardens with fine grass dont need powerful lawnmowers, while a larger garden will benefit from one. If your other lawn mower is an electric one then you may need an extension cable to be able to cut all your lawn, while battery-powered models need to last before they need recharging. Make sure you can adjust the height settings and handle so you can cut grass in greater comfort, and that you have a large enough clipping bag to collect the cuttings.

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