Other Garden Fencing Supplies

Other Garden Fencing

Garden fencing is used in a variety of projects, from separating outdoor areas and providing additional privacy, to helping protect plantsagainst weather conditions and pure aesthetic purposes. 

Although there are specific types of fencing, like picket fences, any structure designed to create a barrier between one outdoor area and another, that is not completely solid like a wall, is defined as a fence. Fencesare used in both domestic and commercial projects.

Different types of fencing

  • Fence stretching wire - Used to create tension with a chicken mesh or chain link fence in order to stretch it out, the product is commonly sold in rolls and may be galvanised to help it last longer
  • Mesh or chicken wire - Mesh wiring commonly called chicken wire is often used to create temporary outdoor areas for small animals. It may also be used to create temporary fencing and can be used in the construction of small animal housing. The patterns of mesh vary depending on the supplier
  • Barbed wire - Barbed wire is used in both commercial and domestic settings to provide additional security. It is usually attached to the top of fences
  • PVC coated mesh - It is similar to chicken wire, but is coated in a PVC material to make it last longer and to make it stronger. The patterns of mesh vary depending on the supplier

Benefits of garden fencing

  • Fencing can provides privacy, the separation of outdoor areas, shading, weather protection and a pleasing visual effect
  • Fencing materials such as PVC coated mesh or metal mesh is useful in the creation of a cost-effective fence
  • It can help keep animals safe
  • Fencing is useful for when you want to deter pests
  • Mesh is useful in the creation of poultry, bird and small animal homes

Installing your fencing

Manufacturer's instructions or guidance should always be followed in relation to the safety and use of products supplied. 

Maintenance depends on the material used, but regular checks should be made to the fencing to check it remains secure and safe.