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Art paintings for the most discerning critics

Quickly add a touch of genuine class to your home with amazing art prints and paintings, perfect for handing as a centrepiece in your living room or for lining up the wall of the stairs. From affordable reproduction prints to highly collectable original paintings and canvas art, there's sure to be a piece of art to suit all tastes.

Original art paintings

Original art paintings are perfect for the avid collector looking to add a beautiful piece to their wall.

Go for something with traditional charm to match your other retro decor, or stand out in an ultra-modern setting. A Robert Ixer painting from the 1970s depicts a beautiful landscape with a luscious blue slue, a small cottage and a flowing river. The gold-tone wood frame stands out with a striking intricate design, perfect to use as a statement piece.

A Pieter Cornelis Steenhower oil painting from 1896 is another traditional painting that's perfect for the collector. The highly detailed buildings and people are almost picturesque, whilst the large, ornate frame draws the eye with the bold stand-out corners and intricate carvings and curves.

For wall art that is completely different, choose an original modernist painting that works well in contemporary spaces. An original William Black modernist painting depicting birds and fish using subtle blues, yellows and greys makes for a striking piece.

Reproduction art paintings

Reproduction art paintings give you the opportunity to own famous pieces of art without breaking the bank. Hang the renowned Girl With a Pearl Earring in your home if classic art is your style.

Or match your Art Deco pieces of furniture to some contemporary art pieces, such as a reproduction of Tamara de Lempicka's Woman With Dove painting. Using soft brushes and gentle colours, this piece is strikingly poignant.

Pay homage to Vincent Van Gogh with a reproduction of the Sunflowers painting with a gilded frame, or really push the boundaries of shape, form, and colour with an abstract painting such as a reproduction of Jackson Pollock's Number 5 or Convergence.

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