Garden Marquees and Tents

Garden marquees and tents are large waterproof structures designed to provide a temporary waterproof area in a garden, or any outdoor space. 

The marquee or tent may also provide privacy or shade. They are ideal for camping, garden parties, festivals, car boot sales and weddings.

Types of marquees and tents

  • Pop ups - Pop up marquees or tents are usually smaller in size and are designed to be assembled easily, regardless of your skills or experience. A complete setup is often supplied, with weight bags and winder bars part of the package. The sides are usually whole with one side that can be zipped up or rolled up and left open. Popups come in a range of colours
  • Heavy duty marquee - These are usually bigger products designed for larger parties, or events like weddings. They may include weight bags and additional features like wind pins and secure ropes. There are usually three secure sides and one large side that is open, which may be able to be brought down if necessary
  • Garage carports - Carports are tents that are long and shaped like a rectangle, with one end, usually a shorter end, which is open for access. The carport will normally seal if necessary
  • Gazebo - There are no sides to a gazebo. They are simply one roof with four legs and possibly some secure ropes. The material that makes the roof is usually waterproof

Benefits of garden marquees and tents

  • Garden marquees and tents provide a waterproof area in an outdoor space which is useful in many ways
  • Additional privacy may be provided should the you need it
  • Waterproof storage space is created
  • When camping, a marquee or tent is useful for providing additional sleeping space, cooking space or storage space
  • Garden marquees and tents provide useful shade as well as protection from the rain