Detox Pads

Finding Detox Pads for Health and Wellness

You may be searching for detox patches as a means of improving your overall health and wellness. Different Chinese detox pads and other common detox patches such as detox ginger patches can be used on different parts of your body. Understanding the different features and types of detox patches available on eBay can help you to find an affordable and easy-to-use detox pad that helps you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Differences in ingredients in Chinese detox pads

There are several different ingredients used in Chinese detox pads for feet with different effects upon use. Ingredients used in these detox pads include:

  • Mugwort: This herb is noted for the improvement to your metabolism when used regularly.
  • Vinegar: This ingredient works by stimulating sweating when the pad is applied to the sole of the foot, thus opening pores on the surface of the skin which allows for the toxins to be leeched out onto the footpad.
  • Ginger: A powerful antimicrobial, ginger can both help remove bacteria and fungus while increasing metabolism.
How do you shop for detox patches by application site?

While the ingredients are an important factor in choosing your detox pads, you can also sort them by where you want to put them. There are several detox patch locations you can use. Many overnight patches go on the bottom of your feet; they can be stuck on with adhesive, like stickers, or placed on your feet inside of socks. Some detox pads are designed to help with things like smoking and can go on the upper arm or stomach like a nicotine patch. Other detox patches, particularly those designed for fertility issues, will be placed on the abdomen or upper groin area.

Applications and types of detox patches

If you are searching for a natural means of reducing toxins in your body, there are many different types of detox patches that can be used in different parts of your body to achieve different health and wellness goals. All detox patches are applied in the same fashion as a plaster, with a gentle adhesive that holds the patch to your skin to allow contact with your pores, allowing toxins to be drawn out through the surface of your skin. Common types of detox patches include:

  • Overnight foot patches for wellness and energy: Benefits of these types of detox patches include the ease of use. Simply apply the pad or patch to the bottom or sole of your foot at bedtime and the pad or patch will work overnight as you sleep.
  • Detox for inflammation: Ginger is known to help with reducing lymphatic swelling and also offers the added benefit of increasing circulation, creating a pleasant warming sensation to the area where the ginger patch is applied.
  • Detox patches for weight loss: By reducing bloating and swelling and removing toxins, these patches may improve metabolism and help with weight loss.