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Sexual Health

An important subject to understand in this modern age, sexual health and wellness is of great importance.

The first port of call for anyone who wants to take good care of their sexual health is to get stocked up on condoms and contraceptives . These essential items aren't just functional if you want to stay healthy or avoid unwanted pregnancy, they may also enhance your sexual experience.

With Durex PleasureMax, Durex Extended Pleasure and a range of flavoured condoms available to spice things up in the bedroom, you can have even more fun.

A little lubrication will enhance the experience for everyone, and with a huge range of different textures and feels, you can experiment with what turns you on. Flavoured lubes, extra sensation or even a fertility enhancing product are all available depending on your mood.

If being careful isn't an issue as trying for a baby is on your agenda, you can maximise your chances of conception with a fertility monitors. Ovulation kits can help you accurately predict the best days to try to conceive and of course you'll need to stock up on pregnancy testing kits, so that if you managed to time it right you'll know as soon and as accurately as possible.

Sex toys have gone mainstream these days so if you haven't already explored the range of fun and games to be had with a toy, why not treat yourself or your significant other, to something a bit different? Variety is the spice of life so enjoy yourself with as many as you like.

Sometimes we all need a bit of a boost in the bedroom department. Help yourself with a range of supplements, remedies and helpful little extras that can help you regain your libido, extend your playtime or just have a bit more fun during sex.