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Plants & Seedlings

Plants and seedlings are available to suit all outdoor spaces and requirements, from domestic gardens to commercial landscapes. 

There are types suitable for indoor and outdoor uses or both, so that they may be enjoyed in all environments.

Types of plants and seedlings

  • Shrubs and hedges - They are sold by their need for light or shade, in partial, full sun or full shade categories. Shrubs and hedges provide a bigger visual effect and fill a larger area of space compared to smaller plants. They are commonly supplied in pots
  • Perennials - Perennials are plants that grow and stay alive all year round. They are categorised by semi-evergreen, evergreen and deciduous types. They are also categorised by seasons of interest, which indicates when the plants bloom. Perennials are commonly supplied in pots or as plug plants
  • Cacti and succulents - These plants are sold by their need for shade or sun, in full sun, partial shade and full shade. Succulent sets as well as various sized cacti and succulents are available. Cacti and succulents are also suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Trees - Trees often fall into four categories: nut, fruit, flowering or conifers. Most trees and seedlings are supplied in pots, some of which may be growing pots or ornamental pots. Junior plants may outgrow their pots quite quickly, with the potential to become rather tall. Trees for indoor and outdoor use are available
  • Bonsai - Deciduous, evergreen and semi-evergreen Bonsai plants are available and are sub-categorised into their need for shade, partial shade or sunlight. Accessories for pruning and maintaining bonsai trees are also available

Benefits of plants and seedlings

  • You can increase your level or privacy in your garden with hedges and shrubs
  • Plants and seedlings a great for the environment, offering space for the wildlife
  • Keen gardeners will enjoy the love and care needed to nurture seedlings
  • All flowering plants help support insects, especially bees