Systemdek Record Players/Turntables

Enjoy Vinyl Tradition with a Systemdek Turntable

Originally known as Dunlop Systemdek, this Scottish family company have over three decades of experience in engineering turntables. Systemdeks next generation of turntables, the 3D Reference, and Systemdek Precision, implement the many years of design engineering and innovation from the originals launch. Built to last and popular among vinyl lovers, Systemdek models can be found on eBay.

Are Systemdek turntables compatible with other parts?

Yes. Cartridges, tonearms, and platters from other manufacturers can be used with the Systemdek. Tonearms created by Linn, for example, are a common choice for the Systemdek turntables. Please do review the manufacturers site for details on how to correctly assemble your turntable. Systemdek have also produced a number of upgrades for the Systemdek iix, including electronic speed control and an acrylic platter.

Why is the tonearm so important?

The tonearm is very much responsible for the quality of sound extracted from a record. Its the tonearms job to support the cartridge across the record, enabling it to move smoothly and with equal weight distribution along the records groove to the centre. The tonearm has weights to support at either end; the cartridge on the record, and the counterweight acting as a balance at the other end. If the weight is not evenly distributed along the tonearm, this will produce interference when playing back any record. When cleverly balanced, however, the tonearm can be implemented to really extract the subtle elements of a vinyl recording.

What does the Systemdek Precision offer?

Launched in 2014, the Systemdek Precision belongs to the next generation of Systemdek turntables. Boasting a 3 point suspension, this Systemdek comes with an array of quality features:

  • Speed adjustment: The Precision comes with 2 speeds, which can be adjusted from above. Made from aluminium, the speed controller also comes with fine pitch adjustment.
  • Power supply: Combining traditional technology with the more modern, the power supply to this turntable is digital.
  • Tonearm: This turntable can be configured for use with 9 or 12 inch tonearms.
  • Support: Four steel feet support the Precision, ensuring that the turntable is on the rigid, solid base needed for optimal results.
  • Material: Constructed in large from aluminium and steel, this turntable weighs in at 45kg. Aesthetically, the Precision has an elegant, sophisticated design.
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