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Classic Streetwear Style With Trapstar Men's Sweatshirts

Trapstar is a streetwear clothing brand based in London. Originally starting as a custom T-shirt brand, the clothing label has come up with a large selection of wear, including sweatshirts, and hoodies. The brand's style is bold and hip. Look through the extensive collection of its hoodies and sweatshirts for men on eBay.

Does Trapstar have full-zipped men's hoodies?

Yes. Most of Trapstar hoodies sweatshirts for men are pull-over designs, but you can find a few with zip closures. The Puma-Trapstar collection offers options of zipped sweatshirts with front pouch pockets. Some designs have zipped pockets on either side. Track top hoodies from the Puma collection have removable sleeves that attach using a zipper.

The Trapstar and Puma Collection

Trapstar partnered with Puma to release a collection of football-inspired wear for the fall 2018 season. The line, which includes men's sweatshirts, incorporates Puma's sportswear experience and Trapstar's unique style. Sweatshirt hoodies get their design inspiration from heritage football jerseys. Each piece blends Trapstar's distinct black and white speckled print tape and some familiar graphics. The London-based brand made this range to "unleash the sportier time in all of us". Besides hoodies, the collection includes footwear.

What materials options are available for men's sweatshirts?

The London streetwear brand has a reputation for high-quality clothing, thanks, in part, to the materials used. Men's hoodies by Trapstar come in several fabrics:

  • Cotton: The majority of the hooded sweatshirts come in 100% cotton. The material is breathable, comfortable for rigorous activity, and highly absorbent.
  • Polyester: The material dries quickly and is resistant to abrasion and wrinkles. Trapstar polyester hoodies are geared towards sports use.
  • Cotton-polyester: The brand has men's sweatshirts made from a combination of cotton and polyester. The percentage of the blends vary with some fabrics heavy on the cotton, for example, 80% cotton, 20% polyester, while others are heavy on the polyester.
  • Nylon: Some sweatshirts on the Puma-Trapstar range are made from nylon. The material is resistant to abrasion, oil, and is stronger than polyester.
Labelling styles for Trapstar men's sweatshirts

One way to tell the authenticity of a hoodie is the brand name or logo included on the clothing. Some sweatshirts have the name across the chest, pouch, or sleeves. Others have labels at the back and snood. The brand uses different styles for the labelling. 3D embroidery creates slightly raised letters by adding foam under them. The brand name and logo looks 3 dimensional. Regular embroidery is another alternative. A jumper can also have graphics. They range from Tora graphics to Trapstar signature prints.