Wattbike Exercise Bikes

Wattbike Exercise Bikes

Wattbikes are the ideal indoor training bikes for road racing. Designed to help with any exercise and training programme, Wattbike exercise bikes are designed to give you the sensation of riding your bike on the road, but with the comfort and safety of being indoors. Wattbikes are well known for the exceptional power and innovation to ensure that your bike provides you with highly accurate and detailed performance.

Types of Wattbike Exercise Bikes

The Wattbike Pro and Training is a flagship model that is designed to suit both athletes and complete beginners. You can find the right bike for your specific needs by selecting the resistance choice that best suits your needs and your exercise bike usage.

The Wattbike Pro and Trainer are designed to be used for the toughest training sessions, so it is ultra-durable and made from robust materials. Whether you choose the pro or trainer solution, you still receive highly detailed and accurate analytics from every training session so you can find out your strengths, weakness and watch your training programme progress and your fitness increase.

Another model in the Wattbike collection is the Atom. The Atom can pair with your smart devices to help become your personal training solution. Analytics can then be transferred between the bike and your smart devices so you can always be aware of your cycling performance and be able to track your progress.

Comparing the Atom to the Wattbike Pro and Trainer, the Atom offers 22 gears, while the Pro and Trainer provide up to ten air gears and seven magnetic gears. With both exercise bikes, the power is within an accuracy level of 2%. In terms of features, both bikes offer a vast range of features such as a polar view, cycling tests, bespoke training programmes and workout choices, as well as these, the Atom also offers virtual climbing and an ergo mode.