Binocular Lens Covers

Protect Your Binoculars by Using Binocular Lens Covers

Whether you are bird watching in the country or getting a closer look at your favourite birds or footballers, it's a good idea to protect all four of the lenses when using your binoculars. Binocular lens covers can help avoid getting scratches so your lenses stay clean, even when you put them back in their case. Owning a quality set of binocular lens covers available from eBay is as vital an accessory to have as a strap, case or other extra feature you might own for your binoculars.

What are some available materials for binocular lens covers?

Since one important priority is to keep dust off your lenses, considering what material is used for binocular lens covers can be a useful decision. Plastic or synthetic rubber is a common choice of many binocular users. Covers made from synthetic rubber provide a tight seal and are very durable.

Are there different types of binocular lens covers?

Many different types of binocular lens covers can be found on eBay that helps keep your lenses from attracting dust. You may want to consider how you plan to use your binoculars when picking a type of cover. These are a few basic designs you can find browsing eBay for binocular dust caps:

  • Single Removable Caps: These are individual caps that fit snugly over each lens. There are two small caps for the eye lenses, and two larger caps for the objective lenses. You will need to match the lens cap size with the model number on your binoculars for a correct fit.
  • Tethered Lens Caps: These caps have a rubber ring that fits around the outer rim of each lens. They are individual caps. You can simply flip them off, and allow each to dangle while you use your binoculars.
  • Full Covers: This type of cover is frequently called a rain guard ocular cover. The type of cap covers both lenses, providing an impenetrable protective layer against rain and moisture. This type of cover is excellent when travelling with your binoculars.
Are there different sizes of binocular lens covers?

Since it is critical that your lens covers fit securely, you will need to match the model number for your binoculars with the available sizes of any particular brand of the binocular lens cover. Finding a cover that fits correctly will help provide protection against dust and dirt. Make sure you match the model number with the manufacturer's list to be sure you secure a proper fit.