Cricut Scrapbooking Die Cutting Cartridges

Use Cricut Cutting Cartridges to Craft Unique Designs

Cricut creates a range of home scrap booking and die-cutting machines that can be used for a variety of projects and crafts. Find a range of Cricut cartridges for sale on eBay to add new shapes, patterns, and fonts to your collection.

What kinds of cartridges are available on eBay?

A variety of cartridges and cartridge sets are for sale on eBay. Each cartridge for your Cricut includes multiple new designs. Some of the cartridges include animal shapes, border designs, floral prints, and much more. Each cartridge for sale includes many designs under the category of the cartridge name.

Disney Cricut cartridges are also commonly available. These include Disney characters as well as unique fonts and designs. Some are specific to one Disney movie while others cover many movies and characters in one cartridge. If you’re crafting a scrapbook page for your recent Disney vacation or making invitations for a Disney birthday party, these are the right cartridges to choose.

The Cricut brand releases new cartridges for sale regularly and also retires previous designs. This means there are some fonts and designs that are no longer sold by the manufacturer. eBay often has some of these retired, hard to find Cricut cartridges for sale.

Cricut cartridges for all occasions

Sets of Cricut expression cartridges are available for all kinds of holidays and special occasions. Gear up for Christmastime with a Christmas cartridge set including a Christmas tree, stars, reindeer, Santa, and more. Other holiday cartridges available on eBay include Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Independence Day cartridges.

Find a wedding or marriage cartridge to help decorate your special day. Designs on this cartridge include rings, a chapel, a cake, and much more. Other special occasion cartridges include birthday, vacation, and graduation cartridges. These themed cartridges help ensure you have all you need to decorate for a special occasion or craft a complete scrap book to include all your memories.

Sets of Cricut cartridges

You can also find large sets on eBay which include multiple Cricut cartridges. Other crafters cleaning out their stashes often put large boxes of cartridges up for sale. If you are looking to expand your collection or are just getting started with your Cricut, these sets of used Cricut cartridges for sale can help you quickly add variety to your crafting.

In addition, some sets of Cricut cartridges are included with a used Cricut machine. If you're new to crafting or using a Cricut, this can be a convenient place to start.