Traverse the Country in Comfort With a Luxury Coach

You can take teams of players to games, run a group tour, or take field trips when you own a coach bus. You can find loads of classic coaches for sale at the most reasonable prices when you shop on eBay.

What types of coaches are available?

There is a variety of coaches from different manufacturers. Most were manufactured between the years of 1995 and 2017, but sometimes you can find an older, classic coach for sale in the UK. Many of these listings come with full service reports to ensure they have been properly maintained over the years. Mileage varies but generally goes up with the coach's age. You will find that most of these coaches for sale have diesel engines with automatic transmissions. A few of the different models for sale include:

  • Used Setra coaches for sale in the UK.
  • Used Volvo B13 9700 Prestige coach for sale.
  • Used Mercedes-Benz Unvi Riada for sale.
  • Used Scania Levante for sale.
  • Used Plaxton coach for sale.
How big are the coaches for sale?

These coaches come in many different sizes. For example, you can find a 33-seater coach for sale or a 70-seater coach conversion. Some of the mini-coaches have as few as 16 seats. There are double-decker coaches and there are coaches that include seats and sleeping berths. With all the seating options, you can easily find a coach that meets your intended needs.

Features of these coaches for sale

With all the different coaches to choose from, you will find many different features amongst them. Some have comprehensive DVD and sound systems to provide hours of entertainment to passengers while travelling. Some have cooking areas as well as loos, so you do not need to make excessive stops en route. Most include climate control, seat belts for all, auxiliary heating, reclining seats, and large windows for viewing. Some have already been fitted with tachometres so they can be used for hire.

Choosing the right coach

Choosing the right coach is easy when you shop on eBay. You can compare different models side by side to determine what features are right for your needs. Be certain to go over maintenance and service records, as well as how the coach was used in the past. You will also want to consider how many seats and extra features like video systems you will want in your coach.