Tablet & eReader Styluses

Sketch Easily, Anywhere With a Tablet Stylus

A tablet stylus makes it easy to sketch people, plants, and places whenever you gain inspiration. Never miss a creative moment with these portable tools. Designed to comfortably fit your hand, a tablet stylus for drawing allows you to execute delicate movements that help you to capture the beauty of your surroundings.

Can you charge a stylus wirelessly?

Yes. These models will start charging automatically once you lock them in place on your tablet. Very convenient for the more absent minded, the stylus will always be ready whenever you want to sketch scenery. Some styluses have an indicator light that blinks red to show you when the tool needs charging.

Can a pressure sensitive tablet stylus improve your work?

Some stylus pens for touch screens allow you to change the width of the line you are drawing, simply by increasing pressure on the tip. These improve productivity and streamline your workflow as the stylus allows you to start with a very fine line. This helps you to work a lot of details into portraits and even render feathers with a high degree of accuracy. This is not possible if the stylus does not produce extremely fine lines at any pressure, so when looking at the options on eBay, be sure to consider the following:

  • The shape of each tip is critical since the sides can often be used to produce shading. Some shapes produce wider strokes that help you to cover the surface more quickly.
  • Check that the stylus offers a good grip. One that frequently slips while you work will affect your accuracy.
  • Some styluses show you what colour you selected while drawing. This allows you to work with a greater degree of accuracy while switching rapidly between different hues.
Can you change tools using clicks with a stylus?

Yes, many styluses switch from one tool to another via some type of clicking. This is an important function as you will be able to work without stopping to perform a lot of technical adjustments. The process required varies slightly and some may feel more intuitive than others. For example, to select the eraser tool on some stylus pens for touch screens, all you have to do is turn the stylus upside down, just as you would with a regular pencil. Some you can simply tap to adjust, while others require a right click.

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