Men's Ties, Bow Ties & Cravats

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Men's Ties Bow Ties Cravats

The dapper gentleman will never look out of place on a formal occasion with elegant and eye-catching men's ties, bow ties, and cravats.

Often a colourful or elegant finishing touch to the smartest of outfits a tie, bow tie or cravat can transform a plain suit or even make a statement about the man who is wearing it. Ties are the classic choice to wear to work or to a big event such as a wedding, christening, or prom; a bow tie is an alternative option for a smart event - a black one is the classic choice for a tuxedo; and the cravat is stylish accessory to smarten up a casual outfit or brighten up a suit.

Decorative ties around the neck have been popular throughout history. The cravat became the mark of a fashionable man in the 18th century, ties gained popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries and the bow tie made its first appearance in the 18th century.

Ties can be found in a variety of colours, materials and patterns. A classic woven silk, paisley jacquard tie is available in colours including black, purple, red and gold and would be an attractive choice for a wedding suit. Silk ties with matching cufflinks and handkerchiefs are another popular pick for a wedding party, while a men's skinny plain satin tie is a fashionable option.

For the man who prefers a bow tie, there are plenty of colours, designs, and materials to choose from. Satin bow ties are available in plain colours, stripes, spots and tartan patterns. Adjustable polyester bow ties will liven up a shirt worn at a wedding, prom, or party and can be bought in colour combinations including black and white, red and black, and pink.

Cravats, which are worn underneath an open neck shirt, come in attractive patterns including polka dots, floral and paisley designs. The popular steampunk look can be achieved with an eye-catching white lace regency cravat.