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Women's Slippers

The ultimate comfort footwear for indoors, women's slippers are cosy, comfortable, easy to pull on and off and perfect for lounging around the house. Women's slippers are available in different materials such as cotton, canvas, leather, suede, sheepskin, velvet, silk and faux fabrics.

Booty slippers are typically soft ankle length boots with a furry or fleece lining and a soft rubber sole commonly worn in the colder months as they offer a good degree of warmth and coverage. This style often has detailing on the sides such as pretty bows, pom-poms or toggles and come in plain colours or striped and geometric patterns. Due to their rubber sole, bootie slippers can be kept on for those occasions when you need to pop outside to take care of any domestic chores.

Women's moccasin slippers feature a closed toe with a heel guard, stopping the foot from sliding out. Moccasin slippers are styled on the footwear of the Native American Indians and were originally a slipper shoe, which was made from moose skin or leather. The moccasin style of slipper is of a sturdy shape and is commonly made of sewn in leather, suede or faux fabrics. They often have faux fur trims and fleecy linings for extra warmth.

Mule slippers for women are an open heeled slipper usually made with a soft fabric upper that encloses the top of the foot and usually the toes, although peep toe mules are also available. This type of slipper appeals to many because it can easily be popped on or off and has designs for all seasons. Open toed lightweight mules are ideal for the cooler climates. In addition, during colder months an enclosed toe in heavier materials such as faux suede and cosy inners with sturdier rubber soles might be more suitable.

Mule slippers are a good choice if you suffer from foot injuries or inflammation of the foot or ankle as its open heel allows for a greater freedom of movement. Available in a range of colours from black and white to bright pink or yellow, they come in a range of designs including animal print, bow details and fur trims.

Novelty slippers are usually made to resemble something entirely different such as an animal, an animal's paws, a vehicle, or a favourite cartoon or video game character. These novelty slippers offer a real fun factor and are extremely popular. These soft and squashy indoor shoes are usually made from soft and colourful materials.