Women's Trainers

Womens Trainers

Combine comfort and style with a selection of womens trainers, from fashionable shoes to performance wear. Choose retro inspired designs to classic high tops for casual chic that will easily pair with any outfit.

Whether youre buying trainers for fashion or sport, make sure you choose the right pair for the job at hand.

Fashion Trainers

Trainers are comfortable and chic and can be paired perfectly with jeans and cropped trousers, or pair plimsolls with skirts and dresses. Platform trainers offer a perfect middle ground between comfort and statement and can easily match most outfits.

Metallic or laser cut trainers can add a feminine touch to any outfit and can blend smart and casual styles. For a sportier style, opt for a classic trainer style in vibrant colours or prints. Choose floral panels or animal prints for a statement addition to your wardrobe.

Fashion trainers often come in a mixture of materials from canvas and fabric to genuine leather and suede. When you dont want to lose the height of heels but want to lose the comfort, choose platform or concealed heel trainers.

Running Trainers

A good pair of running shoes is a must for any runner, from casual joggers to marathon runners. Running shoes offer a range of benefits that prevent knee, hip and back pain and improve performance.

Midsole cushioning offers support between the ball and heel of the foot, which reduces stress on the foot, ankle and toes when running. Arch support is a big benefit for keen runners, providing stability on the go. Choose lightweight and breathable trainers for cool feet on the go.

Walking trainers should be stiffer than running trainers, with different cushioning as walking and running have different impact points. Keen walkers should opt for lightweight and breathable trainers that are waterproof.

Leather walking trainers are more durable and naturally waterproof, whereas fabric trainers are more lightweight and generally cheaper.

Gym Trainers

A multi-purpose outsole is ideal for gym classes, choose a breathable upper and lightweight design with a level of cushioning.

Sturdier trainers are better for weight training and circuits as they offer support and your feet will not move around as much inside.


A perfect style in between fashion shoes and the comfort of trainers, plimsolls have a canvas upper and a rubber sole. They come in slip on or lace up designs, often plain or patterned for a simple and stylish design that easily pairs with most outfits.


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