Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)

Hard Drives (HDD, SSD, and NAS)

Hard drives provide an important function in backing up and storing files from your computer. Storage devices also help to store large amounts of data in a safe and secure way in the event of system corruption or breakdown. Their portable nature means they are easy to transport and store and come in a range of data storage sizes and capabilities. They are ideal for backing up files such as videos, images, music and documents and are easy to install and use.

External Hard Disk Drives

There are a variety of hard drives including those for external or internal use. External hard disk drives are portable devices which are generally compatible with all versions of Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. Some require an external power source whilst other connect directly via a USB port. They offer a reliable solution and are ideal for storing important documents away from your main computer.

Internal Hard Disk Drives

For users looking to upgrade storage options on their PC or laptop, changing your storage with an internal hard disk drive is an ideal option. Many storage options provide increased capacity and efficiency which is helpful for a user that enjoys gaming or performs several tasks on their computer. There are a variety of data storage sizes available with handy installation guides to get the best fit for your operating system. In terms of internal hard drives, there are the standard HDDs that have been around for years, or more up to date SSDs (Solid State Drives), these can have huge capacities and with a lack of moving parts and tighter casings mean there's less chance of corruption or damage and will also speed up the time it takes to boot your computer.

Network Attached Storage Devices

For an effective way to manage shared storage, a network attached storage device is the perfect solution. These systems allow sharing, streaming and back up for all your data in a personal cloud. Files can also be managed remotely from anywhere. They are easy to use and set up and many don't require special network configurations to get started.