External Hard Disk Drives

External Hard Disk Drives

External hard disc drives (HDDs) come in many different variations. Some of these include the USB 3.0, the USB 2.0, wireless devices and even the Thunderbolt as well. The external HDD you choose will largely depend on the reason for your purchase, the amount of data that you need to store and even the speed at which you need to store that data.


The storage of the HDD will ultimately determine how much data you can store at any one time. If you do run out of data then it is more than possible for you to delete data before you go on to store more. External HDDs are usually connected to a computer via a USB cable. The size of the HDD may also depend on how much data it can store, with some devices offering a whopping 5TB of space!


Some hard disk drives are faster than others. This will depend on the RAM of your computer and the USB section of the drive. A USB 2.0 HDD will be able to transfer data much faster when compared to a USB 1.0 drive. Some HDD products will favour speed over storage, whilst some also wireless too. The speed of a wireless drive will depend on the strength of your Bluetooth or even the strength of your wireless connection in general. The closer your laptop or computer is to the wireless drive, the higher speeds you will get with your transfer.


HDDs come in a huge range of designs. Some of them stand vertically and others are designed to lay horizontally. The brand is usually printed on the HDD product however it is possible to get external HDDs that are not branded at all. HDDs are usually black in colour, however, it is possible to get them in colours such as white and even novelty colours as well.

Top Products in External Hard Disk Drives

  • BB S0211278 Hard Disk Western Digital WD Elements Desktop Wdbwlg0040hbk 4 TB 3 5
  • HDWC330EK3JA Toshiba Canvio for Desktop 3tb External Hard Drive 3000 GB Black 40
  • Seagate 1 TB Expansion Amazon Special Edition USB 3.0 Portable External Hard for
  • Seagate STGG8000400 Game Drive Hub for Xbox With Dual USB Ports 8TB External HDD
  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB, External, 5400 RPM, 2.5" (STDR1000200) Hard Drive
  • Western Digital WD My Book 4tb Desktop External Hard Drive Black Wdbbgb0040hbk
  • Seagate 8 TB Expansion Special Edition USB 3.0 Desktop External 8tb Hard Drive
  • Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2 TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard
  • WD Wdbyft0040bor wesn 4tb My Passport Portable Hard Drive 4 TB Orang
  • WD My Passport Wireless External Portable Solid State Drive 500gb
  • WD Wdbynn0010brd wesn 1tb My Passport Portable Hard Drive 1 TB Red
  • Seagate STEA4000402 Game Drive for Xbox Portable HDD 4 TB Hard 4tb
  • Seagate STFD2000400 Porsche Design Mobile Drive 2tb 2 TB Hard
  • Seagate STGD2000400 Game Drive for Ps4 2 TB Hard 2tb Portable
  • Seagate Expansion Plus 2tb Portable Hard Drive STEF2000401
  • HDTB420EK3AA Toshiba Canvio Basics 2.5 2tb Black USB 3.0
  • Sea06341 Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive 500gb
  • Seagate STEA2000200 2TB Portable Hard Drive Black
  • Seagate Maxtor 500gb USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive
  • LaCie STFR2000403 Rugged Secure 2tb