Morris Minor Classic Cars

Put Fun into Driving With a Morris Minor Classic Car

One of motoring history's iconic and beloved names, the Morris Minor has been a firm favourite with drivers ever since its launch in 1948. Still considered a classic of its era, it's hardly surprising that Morris Minors remain a common choice among classic car enthusiasts. Browse through eBay's wide selection of affordable Minors ranging from 1955 Morris Minor 1000 examples to more unusual varieties, to find the one that will make you the ideal companion.

How to identify an early Minor MM model

The Morris Minor MM, also known as the Series 1, was produced until 1953, but there are several changes during this time. Early examples have a noticeable painted strip in the centre of their bumpers, which stems from a late change in dimensions before the car went into production. Headlights are the other main giveaway. The original Morris Minor has them either side of the radiator grille but they moved to the wings at the start of the 1950s.

What should you be aware of when considering a Minor?

Whether you're looking for an inexpensive Morris Minor Series 2 or a cherished example of the early model, it's worth checking for:

  • Wheels: The early MM models use a different design to later cars, but some have been fitted with newer wheels, so examine photos carefully.
  • Chassis: Look carefully to see whether rust has affected the lower part, around the engine.
  • Tyres: Minors were sold with cross-ply tyres, but a large number have been fitted with radials in recent years.
Why does the Morris Minor name also appear on some early Minis?

Production of the Series 3 Morris Minor continued until 1971, greatly overlapping with the Mini, which was launched in 1959. However, the newer car was originally sold under the Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor names, and you'll sometimes see the latter listed as a Morris Minor 850. The name was simplified later in the 1960s, after which the Morris Minor brand continued but only on the Series 3 version of the original model, often listed as the Morris Minor 1000, Minor 1000, or simply Morris 1000.

How can you judge the condition of a Morris Traveller?

The wood-framed Traveller version of the Morris Minor is a well-loved classic, but it does need to be looked over carefully. Spend time browsing photos in eBay listings, and ask plenty of questions. The woodwork should be clean and free of rot, which usually shows as dark patches. Look closely at both the aluminium side panels and the steel floor, to check that any welding has been done to a high standard. Semaphore trafficators were fitted before indicator lamps were introduced in 1961, though some earlier cars will have been updated.