Blank Computer CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray Discs

A Few Fundamentals of Blank DVD Discs

Blank DVD discs are what you need when you want to record media in DVD format. With blank discs and the appropriate recorder or burner, you can record video, audio, and data files from your computer. DVDs can also be used to record TV programs to watch later. Find the right discs on eBay for quality recording.

In which formats are blank DVD discs available?

The blank disc that you choose for your recording purposes must match the format of the burner. Compatibility and playability will affect the standard of the recorded material. DVD discs are labelled with their formats so that buyers can identify them easily. The different formats are:

  • DVD+R: Also called DVD+Recordable, this is a write-once DVD format that is similar to the DVD-R. A multi-format recorder is required to write to this type of blank DVD. It holds 4.7GB of data.
  • DVD+RW: It is a rewritable DVD format that works the same as the DVD+R. Its capacity is 4.7GB and it can accept up to 1,000 rewrites.
  • DVD-R: This format allows only one recording. A DVD-R can be used in recorders, DVD players, and DVD-ROM drive that support the format. It can accommodate up to 4.7GB of data.
  • DVD-RW: Blank DVD RW discs are rewritable, allowing you to write to them up to 1,000 times, depending on the brand. You need a burner or recorder with multi-format or DVD-RW compatibility to use these discs.
How do you know the writing speeds of a blank DVD?

When choosing blank DVD discs, you must consider how fast you can write to it. The writing speed of a 16 or 32GB blank DVD will determine how long it will take to record data. Blank DVDs have the speed labelled on the top. A disc can have 2x, 4x, 8x, or higher written on it. The burner or recorder must support the writing speeds of the disc.

What is DVD-RAM media?

Besides the common recordable and rewritable disc formats, there is DVD-RAM, which is supported by Hitachi, Panasonic, and Toshiba. Blank DVD discs in this format are rewritable and available in cartridge and non-cartridge versions. A DVD-RAM disc can be single or double-sided, with 4.7GB and 9.4GB capacity respectively. Due to the large capacity of rewrites that the format can accommodate – over 100,000 – this type of blank DVD works well as a hard drive. DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives cannot play DVD-RAM discs.