USB Flash Drives

Transport Files Easily with a Pen Drive

Keep important files with you during football games or lunch with friends. A pen drive stores your documents in a discrete format. This compact device can fit in folio style smartphone cases and keeps professional work, personal pictures, and presentations secure for years, with lots of space to spare.

Can you fit a 3.0 pen drive in an older port?

Yes. A 3.0 pen drive can fit in older ports and will work efficiently. A flash drive can quickly transfer several gigabytes of data, without the bandwidth restrictions of cloud storage. Many cheap pen drives are available on eBay, and you can select one with a speed that is right for you. If you work in a busy environment, the high data transfer rate can help you to save time. The pen drive will work at the speed of the port it is in. For example, a USB 3.0 pen drive in a 1.1 port will transfer files at a USB 1.1 rate.

Can you protect images on cheap pen drives with a password?

Yes. Several people choose to keep sensitive files on their flash drive. These images might be personal photos such as family pictures or work related blueprints for a product. Protecting them with a password helps to keep information from unauthorised people. Some individuals place the files in a folder with a password. Others use an additional layer of security by adding a password to the pen drive.

  • Several people use software to password protect their flash drive. This is a good option, but you can also add a password without using software.
  • Once a password is used on your pen drives, you will have to enter the password using a computer before you can access the secured files.
  • Data on pen drives lasts a long time. Once your files are password protected, they will easily remain so for ten years or more.
How many presentations can be stored on a pen drive?

The size of your pen drives and whether you have compressed the images in the presentations will determine that. Even cheap pen drives that have a relatively small capacity will hold several small presentations of around 5 megabytes each. Some flash drives can be customised with portable programs when you use them as a backup. Those make it possible to play presentations properly, even while using an incompatible operating system.

Top Products in USB Flash Drives

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